Analysis of extreme locations on Mars (ALEXA)

The next phase of my research project has started today. This project is a sub-project of the main research program within the main project GNSS FATIMA.

This phase will include for example a detailed investigation of the canyon Valles Marineris with the aim to analyse the satellite signal coverage in the extreme terrain locations on Mars.

The proposed name for this sub-project is ALEXA (from AnaLysis of EXtreme locAtions on Mars).

The animation below will show you the simulated flight over Valles Marineris. You can see the terrain differences when compared to the areas all around.

These extreme locations are places that are very deep or high when compared to the immediate surroundings.

Image above: Detailed view of Valles Mariners (top) and its location near the Tharsis region – check the three volcanoes on the left side on the bottom image. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/J.Kozár

I will keep you updated via my blog, so you can watch my work live online. The results will be published of course as a research paper. But I am now at the beginning of this phase and the project will definitely last some time.

The input data for this phase will be used the data from the MRO mission (NASA JPL). So fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly!

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