Media kit for advertisers

Would you like to reach a wide range of experts and present your services or products to them?

Are you a professional? Then you are in the right place. I offer you a unique opportunity to show yourself to my readers.

You have a unique opportunity to advertise your services or products directly on the pages of this blog, or on the pages of the electronic monthly journal “Mars Exploration Digest” (ISSN 2788-225X).

What is the focus of this blog?

My blog, which you are currently on, is one of the few unique web portals that focus on detailed and regular reporting on the news in robotic planetary exploration, planetary astronomy, nature, and education. The thematic focus also covers related fields, especially various information and advice for publishing, studying, etc.

Why advertise on this blog?

I guarantee the high quality and expertise of the posts in this blog directly through my education, scientific research, authorship, and many years of experience in the field.

Language mutations of this blog

Linguistically, this blog is divided into English and Slovak parts, which complement each other. The vast majority of visitors are also oriented toward foreign languages and are English speakers in their expertise, so the blog is not strictly divided into only English and Slovak versions. The readers themselves welcome the current setting of the blog from this point of view. Most of the visitors are English speakers, but the articles of the blog are covering also Slovak and Czech audiences.

Demographics of traffic to this blog

The readership of this blog is made up of the professional public from the ranks of students, teachers, future and current authors, as well as researchers focusing on natural and technical sciences. A large part of the audience consists of those interested in astronomy, but also readers from the ranks of the public who like to read interesting things from the fascinating world of space exploration.

The audience of this blog is made up of a mix of regular returning visitors and readers and new visitors.

The average time a visitor spends on this blog ranges from 3 min to 16 min, with most visitors usually reading more than one article.

Geographical indicators of the blog’s visitors for the entire duration of its existence show an even distribution of interested parties from Slovakia, as well as from Czech and English-speaking countries. The attendance is also relatively high from other countries, as English is the common and primary communication tool of all those interested in the thematic area of this blog.

For an advertiser from any country, the placement of an advertisement or banner on my blog is interesting mainly from the point of view of the high quality of the posts and their regularity, but especially from the point of view of the number of visitors and the readership of individual articles.

Possibility of advertising in a regular monthly magazine

Advertising in the monthly “Mars Exploration Digest”, which is regularly published once a month in PDF format and is freely available for free download on the pages of this blog. Articles from this monthly are also regularly published on the website of the Slovak newspaper SME, in the blog section. The monthly itself is published bilingually – in English and Slovak, while a Czech version is being prepared. External authors can also contribute to the magazine.

I am the publisher of this monthly. The monthly is registered by the Czech National Technical Library in Prague and has been assigned an international number for periodicals ISSN 2788-225X. If you are interested in advertising, do not hesitate to contact me.

Possibilities and forms of advertising

I offer you the opportunity to advertise your ad or banner on my blog and in the monthly “Mars Exploration Digest” in the following ways:

  • Banner advertising in the form of an advertising banner.
  • Sponsored posts in the form of articles about your products or services.
  • Sponsored posts in the form of videos, or in another suitable form.
  • Placing online courses or selling your products.
  • Advertising for education and for schools and universities.
  • Advertising for conferences.
  • The possibility of publishing vacancies with a focus on finding top experts in any direction in the field of STEM (natural and technical sciences) – take advantage of the opportunity to attract experts from abroad – this blog is popular even abroad among the people you may be looking for.

Price list for advertising

Do not hesitate to contact me directly for a quote regarding advertising. You explain your requirements to me, or we can agree on the details, specifically which of the forms of promotion and advertising you would be interested in.

  • If you need to publish a graphic banner and you don’t have one, I will create it for you.
  • Don’t forget the possibility of publishing an ad not only on this blog but also in the electronic monthly magazine “Mars Exploration Digest”.


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