Uranus will “disappear” behind the Moon in September

I remember that once I was “corrected” by one Dutch amateur astronomer that “the planet Uranus cannot be simply visible” by a telescope from the Earth.

This happened on Twitter when I used to have an account there (Update on August 01, 2022 – I have created my Twitter account again due to some reasons). 🙂 Okay, so this year in September you will have a unique opportunity to see the planet Uranus with just a simple telescope or with a naked eye (in this case you need a really clear sky with no light pollution). The opportunity will be unique, especially because Uranus will “disappear” behind the Moon.

Figure above: Uranus just before it will disappear on the night sky behind the Moon. (Source: Stellarium)

And when to watch the night sky and the Moon?

The Moon will cover the planet Uranus in the night from 14/15 September 2022. Time calculated for Central Europe is 23:22 (beginning) and 00:26 (end).


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