Cartographic requirements for Mars GNSS FATIMA (Abstract)

Abstract. Current planetary research and future steps of Solar System exploration will require precise positioning and navigation services. These services will be especially very welcome on planet Mars, as this planet is our next possible target after Moon. In the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Kosice, we are working on a theoretical concept of a global navigation satellite system for the planet Mars.

The proposed name of this system is FATIMA, which is an acronym for Fix And TIme provisioning system for MArs. This GNSS system will be able to provide precise positioning fixes, continuous navigation service, and global time service for Mars – especially for surface planetary rovers, static probes (landers), orbital probes, or future human missions.

This global navigation satellite system will be also suitable for future geodetic measurements, for monitoring and research of any crustal activity on Mars, and for monitoring the seasonal surface changes within longer time periods. Design of the concept of GNSS FATIMA requires a determination of precise cartographic values and constants and the use of an exact reference ellipsoid of planet Mars.

We need to set the planetary cartographic system and also to specify the cartographic grid which will be used for calculating precise position. We are focusing on two standardized models – planetocentric and/or planetographic. The most suitable one will be then used for the design of the concept of Mars GNSS FATIMA.

In this paper we will focus on the specification of the cartographic requirements, we will specify the most relevant and important ones and then we will describe the reasons why these were selected. As the last part of the paper, we will try to propose the possibilities of the use of current Martian map systems and grids, in case the GNSS will be used for positioning.

A research paper published as a contribution to Cartography Beyond the Ordinary World – Joint ICA Symposium, Niteroi, Brazil. Commission on Planetary Cartography of International Cartographic Association, 2015.

Proceedings publication: August 2015.

ISBN 978-1-907075-08-7

DOWNLOAD the proceedings online here

KeywordsMars GNSS, Mars, FATIMA, Martian cartography, planetary cartography

Author: Dr. Jozef Kozar * (author’s profile here)

The abstract was published also in the Science Mars Journal: Volume 2, Issue 8 

* Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice & Science Mars Journal


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