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author and research scientist

My Books

Moon Atlas
Moon Atlas for Visual Observer
Science and Mars Anthology
GNSS v skratke
Informacne systemy v riadeni letovej prevadzky
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About Jozef

Dr Jozef Kozár is an interdisciplinary scientist and writer, studying planets, Solar System and robotic space exploration missions. He is author of seven books, author of several hundreds articles published in various scientific and popular magazines, former public speaker and a documentary movies/TV guest.

Jozef's Mars research and the “GNSS for Mars” project became well known especially in 2015, when it attracted many local and worldwide media. Jozef earned his Ph.D. in the field of aerospace from Technical University of Kosice in 2016. During his following career he left his home country and completed a professional university course in planetary science – the science of the Solar System, at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California in 2019.

Technical writing, manuals, guides

Technical writing (hi-tech and STEM)

There are many professional technical writings, documentation, step-by-step manuals and user guides that I have created for various systems and scientific processes (corporate, R&D and academic).

In 2013 I founded a specialized scientific magazine "Science & Mars Journal" (ISSN 2453-8760). The magazine was published monthly in 2013 - 2017 when I covered this magazine in a role of editor-in-chief. I contributed a lot with my own graphics, cover design and texts. The magazine was later archived by scientific library and published as chronological book.

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