Perseverance: first images and video of the landing

After the successful landing of Perseverance on Mars and after the gradual inspection of individual systems, we all eagerly awaited the first color images.


[SK] Slovenskú verziu článku nájdete na tejto adrese.

The first image obtained immediately after landing:

The image is not sharp because the navigation camera that took the image was covered in a layer of dust just after landing.

The image above was obtained the next day by a camera located on the back of the Perseverance rover.

During the landing on Mars, the proverbial peanuts on the board could not be missing in the control room. So far, they’ve only been missing once, and that time the mission didn’t go well. Since then, to be sure, they haven’t been missing.

The image above shows the Perseverance probe still on the cables, just before it was placed on the surface at the landing site.

The black and white photo above shows the descending Perseverance probe on a supersonic parachute. It was captured by the MRO (NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) orbital probe.

The image above and the image below show the parachute opening and then the open parachute descending.

On the image of the MRO orbital probe, individual parts of the landing section of the Perseverance probe can be seen identified after the landing itself. During the landing maneuver, these separated automatically at the required time and landed on the surface at a safe distance from the probe itself. Individual parts: Parachute & Back Shell, Descent Stage, Perseverance rover, Heat Shield.

The image above, which shows the Perseverance probe’s discarded parachute itself, is interesting. Photograph of me taken by the MRO orbiter.

Close-up of one of the wheels of the Perseverance probe. Perseverance’s wheels differ from Curiosity’s wheels in several details. These should last significantly longer, as we saw more damage and wear during the Curiosity probe mission.

One of the first color images was obtained by the Perseverance probe.

On February 22, 2021, a unique video of the landing itself was published at the NASA press conference for the landing of the Perseverance probe. The video captures the landing maneuver, from throwing off the heat shield, to the actual landing of the probe on the surface of Mars in the exact desired location.

During the landing, the probe also recorded sounds, but the sound recording data was ultimately unusable. Despite this, it was possible to capture the first subtle sounds on Mars – a faint flow of sound and some sounds of the probe itself and its systems.

The 360-degree image, the first within the Perseverance probe mission, is also interesting:

To rotate, click on the image and move the mouse sideways.



[SK] Slovenskú verziu článku nájdete na tejto adrese.


Sources: NASA JPL-Caltech

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