21 December: Jupiter and Saturn

Are you ready for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December 2020? It will be a very unique opportunity for astrophotography.

Planetary evening

After couple of days it was finally nice weather. Pretty cold outside -1 C, but feels like -10 C. But important thing is, that the sky clear and there are visible nit just the...

Astrophoto with compact camera

Some photos of the night sky and planets Mars and Jupiter. I do not use a mirror camera, because I do not have one. I used to use a custom astro-cam connected to the...

Few minutes before sunrise

I have taken this image of sunrise on a day when I really did not expect that the worst day in my life is just about to come.

Moon Art

Today’s afternoon Moon.

International Coffee Day, even on Mars!

Did you know that today is an international coffee day? Anyway, I think that it must be celebrated also on Mars.

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