Whirlpool Galaxy

I would like to share with you some of the photos of Whirlpool Galaxy. I had to process the raw FITS image, but it did not have enough pixels. So I made my best.

What do you think, can you see the arms of the galaxy? The first three images are my own and the last one is the picture how the galaxy looks like.

Image processed in red:

Zoom of the part with the galaxy:

And here is the image of the Whirlpool Galaxy how it should look like in real. Of course, this image is taken with some different telescope 🙂

Observation details:

Exposure Time: 60.00 sec.
Filter: Clear
Focus Value: 1600
Zoom: Out


Right Ascension: 13h 30.6m
Declination: 47 degrees 06 minutes

Altitude: 46 degrees 28.1 minutes
Azimuth: 306 degrees 54.1 minutes


Hour Angle: 03h 36.1m
Local Siderial Time: 10:05:35
Greenwich Mean Time: 03:54:23
End Exposure: 08:55:25 PM
Longitude: 110.88
Latitude: 31.68
Tracking: Sidereal
CCD Temp: 276.00
Ambient Temp: 297.00
Circuit Temp: n/a
Finder Offsets: none

The last image source: NASA

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