Research interest:

My research interest is multi-disciplinary, covering space systems and missions analysis with important focus on related planetary science.

Current projects:

  1. Theoretical concept of satellite navigation system (GNSS) for Mars [read more]
  2. Analysis of exploration missions to Mars with scientific targets [read more]
  3. Planetary Science of Mars related to above projects [read more]
  4. Planetary cartography [read more]

My participation on other research projects:

  • Analysis of HiRISE image cutouts to measure fans that appear in the spring on the seasonal ice cap of Mars. MRO mission (NASA).
  • Analysis of raw images from CTX camera of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. MRO mission (NASA).

Projects in initial phase (not yet started):

  • Infrared and thermal imaging diagnostics in navigation process of rover on Mars. In research will be used a laboratory – environment with the sand and artificial regolith (simulated Martian soil with similar chemical and physical characteristics), heating/cooling system and high sensitive thermal imaging camera. Expected beginning of the main experiments is in the fall of 2017.

Projects where I do not actively participate anymore:

  • Demonstration of use of the web technologies in basic research – evolution of changes in local climate and the monitoring of the climate conditions. External consultant (2010-2016) for the meteorological station project located in Technical University in Kosice. Monitoring based on intelligent web technologies and neural networks with the aim to monitor the local climate conditions in the city.

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