Some useful courses of artificial intelligence (AI)

The artificial intelligence is becoming an unseparable part of not just a business or internet, but even more important – the part of science and research of any field of interest.

I received some useful offer of an AI online course by Stanford University. Then some other offers came as well and this is the reason why I decided to post this also on my blog.

Many of you are interested in studying the planets and/or space technology. Maybe you remember the landing of Perseverance rover on Mars this year. It was really unique – even when the technology was similar to the one that was used when the Curiosity rover was landing on Mars in 2012 – the technology called “sky crane”. When you are interested to see this technology, just take a look on this article – check the second video (time 0:33).

The landing technology was similar, but not same. The reason is simple –  when Perseverance rover was landing in 2021, the sky crane’s technology was using an intelligent systems that were checking the landing site and very precisely selecting the best place to put the rover Perseverance on the ground. To avoid all possible terrain obstacles that may have been dangerous. So the very last phase of the landing was totally independent, autonomous and controlled by an artificial intelligence.

This is just one of the many examples, where in the space technology or just said – planetary science – can be the artificial intelligence implemented.

Here are some useful links to some AI online courses that are free of charge:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques. Nov 1 (2021) to Jan 23 (2022). Gain a broad overview of modern artificial intelligence including machine learning, search, game playing, and more.
  • Reinforcement Learning (RL). Nov 8 (2021) to Jan 30 (2022). Master principles of RL and deep RL. Learn about core RL approaches and challenges including generalization, exploration, and optimization.

If you know about some other interesting and free course related to artificial intelligence, then feel free to let me know and I will add it to the list. Or you can just contribute the link and information to the comments below.



  • Course links and information about courses by Stanford University.
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