Lunar eclipse on 16 July 2019 (live video stream)

Are you ready to watch tonight’s lunar eclipse? Have you ever thought how it will be visible not from the Earth, but from the Moon instead?

Take a look on this interesting simulated image below:

Imagine that you are standing on some places of the surfaces of the Moon. What you could see? Correct, you could most probably see the solar eclipse instead! The picture above simulates the view from the lunar orbit, looking towards the Earth (and the Sun).

And why there even exist the eclipses? The Earth is orbiting the sun and the Moon is orbiting our planet Earth. Sometimes it happens that these three are at the same line – when the Moon enters the ecliptic – then the shadow of the Earth covers the Moon or vice versa, the shadow of the Moon can cover a small part of the Earth. You can imagine the Earth and the Moon orbiting its mother bodies according to the video animation below.

Of course, the animation above is not showing the exact sizes of the Moon, Earth and the Sun. The ratio is not correct, because it is just for your quick imagination.

Where will be the lunar eclipse visible on 16/17 July 2019? Take a look at this map:

The exact situation of the eclipse is displayed on the diagram:

Times of the visibility of the eclipse (times in UTC):

penumbral eclipse begins 16 Jul, 18:43:51
partial eclipse begins 16 Jul, 20:01:43
maximum eclipse 16 Jul, 21:30:44
partial eclipse ends 16 Jul, 22:59:39
penumbral eclipse ends 17 Jul, 00:17:38

If you do not have a good weather conditions, you can watch the lunar eclipse live here:



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