Moon watching on 11 July 2019

These days I am pretty busy, but finally I found some time for Moon watching. I took some photos with my camera (without telescope).

The photos are not “excellent”, but I think that it is possible to see some details on them.

Photo above: Look at the interesting rim of the crater Longomontanus. Interesting are also the terrain features in the center of Clavius crater. Can you recognize a small crater Rutherfurd that is on the edge of Clavius?

The crater Bullialdus on the photo above looks like some prominent crater on the lunar surface. It is visible from the dark part of the terminator especially because of its higher rim that reflects the sunlight. Other well known craters – Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachel – are not visible very well, because their shape (especially the rim) is not making any shadows today. Maybe it is too late, Moon is coming to be full in a coming days.

The last photo is dominated by the well known crater Copernicus. Another two known craters are Archimedes and Eratosthenes. Can you recognize the Apenine mountains? Just above the Mare Vaporum on the photo above.



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