Saturn 31 July 2017

Photo of planet Saturn taken on July 31st, 2017.

I have post processed the image in graphics editor.

Observation details:

Exposure Time: 00.50 sec.
Filter: Blue
Focus Value: 1600
Zoom: Out


Right Ascension: 17h 24.1m
Declination: -21 degrees 55 minutes

Altitude: 36 degrees 23.5 minutes
Azimuth: 179 degrees 2.7 minutes


Hour Angle: -1h 56.7m
Local Siderial Time: 10:19:51
Greenwich Mean Time: 04:08:37
End Exposure: 09:08:39 PM
Longitude: 110.88
Latitude: 31.68
Tracking: Sidereal
CCD Temp: 275.00
Ambient Temp: 297.00
Circuit Temp: n/a
Finder Offsets: none

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Dr. Jozef Kozár

Author, Research Scientist, Consultant.

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