My lectures schedule 03/2017 (information for students)

In March 2017 I am giving lectures at Technical University of Kosice – Faculty of Aeronautics.

The topic of the lectures is Mars Exploration, within the subject Space Technology.

The schedule is below:

Mars – Introduction + Why do we study this planet? [March 7, 2017]

  • introduction
  • where is Mars located
  • orbital parameters
  • surface, atmosphere, water, weather

Mars – Trajectories to Red Planet [March 14, 2017]

  • trajectories of flight to Mars
  • return trajectories from Mars
  • landing on surface of Mars
  • orbital insertion of spacecraft to orbit around Mars
  • satellites, navigation and positioning on Mars
  • orbital missions

Missions of robotic spacecrafts to Mars [March 21, 2017]

  • early Mars missions (competition in Cold War era)
  • the first advanced orbital missions
  • the first attempts to land on surface of Mars
  • Mars robotic exploration “rennaissance”
  • the first advanced surface missions with complex research systems
  • present missions (surface and orbital)
  • missions of near future

Future manned missions to Mars and futuristic concepts [March, 28, 2017]

  • where we are now in Mars exploration and where we see our next steps
  • technology of landing of manned mission to Mars
  • concepts of Martian base
  • necessary requirements of manned mission
  • important aspects of mission to Mars
  • landing, fly-by or orbital mission?
  • return from Mars to Earth
  • why do we need location service and precise positioning for manned mission at Mars?
  • vision of the first possible attempt to fly with astronauts to Mars

Where: Faculty of Aeronautics, Department of Avionics, Technical University of Kosice

Lectures above will be in Slovak language, but there is a possibility to consult in English.


The content of the lectures may be updated, so please keep checking the list in case you are interested.

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Author, Research Scientist, Consultant.

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