Partial Solar Eclipse on 25 October 2022

Have you already seen the Sun hidden by the Moon?

Yes, on 25 October 2022 you will have an opportunity to watch the partial eclipse of the Sun, especially from Central Europe, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe.

The times of the event calculated for the Czech Republic are the following:

  • Beginning 11:15
  • Maximum 12:20
  • End 13:27

The maximum of the partial solar eclipse will mean that the 40% disk of the Sun will be covered by the shadow of the Moon.

How you can watch the eclipse of the sun?

Keep in mind, that you must never look at the Sun directly with your eyes without any protection or protective solar filters. There are more ways how you can watch the Sun or the eclipse of the Sun safely, without any risk of damaging your eyes.

The first option is to buy cheap protective glasses dedicated exactly to watching the Solar eclipse or the Sun. These glasses are very simple and really cheap and this simple protection will offer you an opportunity to enjoy our closest star without any risk.

The other way how to watch the partial (or also total) eclipse is to use the projecting method. In this case, you will need to place a small telescope (or you can use also a bigger one, there is no big difference) on a tripod or a telescope mount. Then you just need to use the lowest possible zoom (or the eyepiece with the lowest possible magnification) and then you will just need to place a white sheet of paper just 20 – 30 centimeters behind the eyepiece of the telescope. The optics will project the disk of the Sun directly onto the paper sheet. You can enjoy the eclipse very safely and comfortably this way. And as a bonus, you may be able to see also some sunspots projected on the paper inside the disk of the Sun.

The two photos below: You can see how I projected the Sun through my old telescope back in 2015 when I was observing the partial eclipse of the Sun with my beloved dog Ringo.

The third way is to use the telescope. In this case, never look at the Sun directly, but always use a solar filter on your telescope (must be mounted before the telescope or directly on the main lens in front of the telescope). You must never look at the sun directly with your naked eyes without any proper protection. This is very important because you can damage or completely lose your eyes.

The solar filter on the main lens of the telescope. This is one of the solutions you can use. Image credit:

The fourth option is to visit your nearest astronomical observatory or society. I am sure that they are preparing some programs for the public and even with some astronomers commenting on the event with useful information.

You can watch the live stream of the 25 October 2022 partial solar eclipse also online via the live stream below:

Are you planning to take also some photos of the eclipse? Feel free to share it with me and I can publish your photos (with your copyright mentioned below the photo) in this article. Just do not hesitate and let me know directly via email or you can use my Twitter. Also, you can use the discussion below.



Used resources:

  • The map of Europe with the partial solar eclipse graphics:

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    I have tried to take some photos with my smartphone and some solar filters. I will try to process it later, let’s see the results 🙂

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