When a research project begins on a paper

I would like to share with you some of my old notes that I have found recently in my archive. These notes were written by myself in 2014. I cannot believe that it is already 5 years from that day.

That time I put on paper some basic equations that I needed for a computer based calculation and further simulation. The beginning is always somewhere deep in the head, then it continues on paper, following the detailed research and writings on a computer and proposal of the experimental calculation or simulation.

A very interesting part is the data part – very exciting is the input-data review, because these are always fresh data from Mars. Yes, you are correct, provided by NASA.

When you can see the martian data entering your experimental calculation and then your own research results, the feeling is something that cannot be described by simple words.

Of course, nothing is such easy as it may look like on the first sight. But the elegance of the final equations or matrix can show you a path to the final destination of your work.

This is the spirit of a real science and space exploration …


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