M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

Mars GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System for Mars

The first image of my observation of M51 Whirlpool Galaxy on Monday (July 09, 2018) this week with one of the robotic telescopes. The image is result of processed stack layers and of the dark calibration in FITS.

Start Exposure: 10:21:05 PM
Exposure Time: 60.00 sec.
Filter: Clear
Hour angle: 03h 17.6m
Local siderial Time: 12:47:46
Greenwich Mean Time: 02:21:05
End exposure: 10:22:07 PM
Longitude: 71.13
Latitude: 42.38
Mode of telescope operation: robotic, remote
Tracking: Sidereal
CCD temp: 276.00
Ambient temp: 308.00
Circuit temp: n/a
Finder offsets: none

Celestial coordinates:
Right Ascension: 13h 30.7m
Declination: 47 degrees 06 minutes

Terrestrial coordinates:
Altitude: 55 degrees 11.3 minutes
Azimuth: 295 degrees 9.0 minutes

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Author, Research Scientist, Consultant.

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