How to publish your first book

Maybe you were already thinking about publishing your own book, or just some collection of your ideas, poems, or short stories.

And after thinking about where and how you found that it is pretty hard to become published by some publishing house.

Every publishing house is usually considering publications of unknown authors very carefully. Yes, many of them simply do not trust unknown authors, because they do not want to invest their money into something that may sound quite risky to them. But what if the author (in our case beginner) is somebody that can make a fortune for them?  Or what if the book written by the beginner author is something that may become a bestseller?

I can tell you, this is something that the publishing houses know – but they still consider it as something that is quite risky. Often they just choose tactics to wait and watch the author – simply if the author will give up or if the author will find a way and if the book is something that is interesting for the readers, then the publishing house tries to grab the opportunity for them. Yes, this is unfair, but this is business.

I have read some opinions of publishers, that they simply refuse everything that comes to them without any recommendation from some known publishing agent. But how you can get a recommendation that may help you with your first book? I know, the answer is not simple and I am sure that there isn’t anybody who can simply give you an answer to this question.

But there is a solution, especially because of the internet and the possibilities that you can get online. The solution for you and for your first really published first book is to publish it yourself and with no real expenses. Simply said, it will not cost you any money, but it will bring you some money when your book will be sold. Every sold piece of your book will bring you some money to your bank account – this sounds much better than the first parts of the text above, what do you think?

In the series of these articles on my blog, I will introduce you step-by-step to everything that you need to know when you decide to publish your book yourself. I will give you some useful tips – “where and how” and also I will describe to you the requirements and standards that your book should meet. Together we will prepare the right formatting of the text and useful free graphics, and then I will introduce you to the possibilities of where and how you can get your first book published.

Are you ready to get published? Bookmark my blog and come back in the coming days. I am preparing the first part of the post-series.

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