Is it a good idea to colonize Mars?

Have you ever been thinking about how it could be to live on Mars? Someone would say that it may be nothing special, because there is nothing just desert on a red planet.

Today’s world is not just a world of individuals, world of countries doing space research and technology development. Today’s world is a world of corporations. This is a HUGE difference when compared to the world we remember from the past. We can see it everywhere – countries are united in unions with an idea of unity – but the same people often do not understand that in many cases this is just an illusion. The true all over the world is just money.

The vision of exploration of the planets of the Solar System of today’s world is not just the science, but the exploration is understood as a way of looking for natural resources. And this is sad. My question here is, should we then really go to Mars and really believe in corporations and their promises that their endeavors in space are purely scientific? Do they really want to invest their money into something where they will not have any financial profit? I do not think so. I am afraid, that money and the “money rush” on Earth damaged our own blue planet in many ways and hugely contributed to climate changes. And not just the planet, look at the near orbit of Earth. It is full of waste.

Can you imagine that the clean, silent and empty world of Mars (for example), can be once damaged exactly like the Earth? I know, there are no oceans. But do not forget – wen we do not see any animals on the surface of Mars, then this does not mean that there is no life. What if there is some microbial form of sub-surface life and people will simply damage it?

Future possible colonization of Mars will need to meet a lot of technical conditions, to allow people safely live on Mars and to allow a return of people back home. This is a huge challenge. A lot of money. Will today’s world invest these money just for a purpose of science? We should really think twice before it is too late …


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