What do you think, is it possible to live with Universe but without meat and animal products? Yes!

Have you ever considered the possibility that you will change your lifestyle? Let’s talk about the advantages in your daily work and life.

In the past, many people were thinking about vegetarians or vegans that they are a little bit crazy or at least suspect. Because they do not eat meat or even dairy products. But the time has changed and these days are more and more people giving up eating the meat, eggs, dairy products or lets’ say, any animal products.

I am not an expert in any gastronomy field, but …

Personally me, I do not eat meat and I prefer clear green meals. It means that I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, and products that are not connected to animals. So no meat at all. I like animals when they are alive, not when they are on my plate. But this is not just one reason. From the other hand, I can tell you that always when I finish eating my breakfast, lunch or dinner, I never end up tired just because “I have just eaten”. My brain feels always fresh and ready to think about new ideas, ready to process information and continue working. I can tell you that I feel just fine.

Imagine wen you are working on some project related to planetary science, astronomy or related to some space systems engineering. You need to focus on very small details, your brain must be running on 100%. Space does not allow you to make any mistake. Because every mistake in space engineering or space mission planning simply means the end of that mission. Vegetables, fruits and natural products that are not connected to meat or to any animal products consist of ingredients that are way more adaptable for your body than anything else. Your body just does not need to fight with something heavy in your stomach. Thus you are not tired and you can feel always fresh and ready.

Also, can you imagine that when all of us will focus more on healthy food (not meat), then we can help also to our planet? It is very simple. The most polluting part of the present economy of the world is the animal agriculture. Just because of the methane and other waste-gases that are at the end of the very long equation of food production and processing. So my recommendation – become a hero, stop eating meat, feel much better and even help to animals and our planet Earth.


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