My name in space: Hayabusa-2

Mission: Hayabusa 2

Target: asteroid 162173 Ryugu

Current position: in space on a trajectory to asteroid 162173 Ryugu, track the position live here

Operator: JAXA

Launch: December 3, 2014, 04:22 UTC

Arrival to an asteroid: July 2018

Landing back on Earth: December 2020

COSPAR ID: 2014-076A

(162173) Ryugu orbiter:
Orbital insertion June 2018 (planned)
Orbital departure December 2019 (planned)

The target of the mission is to study the asteroid 162173 Ryugu (formerly designated 1999 JU3). Hayabusa2 is arrived at the target in July 2018, now it is studying the asteroid for a year and a half, it will depart in December 2019, and return to Earth in December 2020.

The spacecraft features ion engines, upgraded guidance and navigation technology, antennas, and attitude control systems. Operations at the asteroid will be similar to those of the previous Hayabusa mission, but with an explosive device to dig the asteroid surface for fresh sample material.

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