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Is there anything on Mars that has still not been discovered, yet? What we can do to make these discoveries and even future missions more simple and safe? How can we simplify our current processes, research and everything related? How can the planetary conditions of Mars affect our exploration systems? These are some of the questions related to my research. Welcome on board!

Research & Data Processing

My research is multi-disciplinary, covering robotic planetary and space exploration, systems analysis and planetary science. Although my current scientific interest is fully focused on Mars, its planetary research and research of concepts of new exploration systems and future missions, I am interested in other related disciplines as well. [read more here]

Are you curious about my graphics works or digital data processing? [read more here]

My books & featured publications

The first release of my book about global navigation satellite systems was published in December 2014. This book covers all current GNSS in operation.

These days I am working on my new book which will cover the Mars exploration systems. I hope that I will finish this book this year. Stay tuned!