Welcome to my personal website …

Someone once said that universe and planets are some kind of my playground. To be honest, after some time I had realized that there is some true on that. I am scientist, systems analyst and author, whose whole world is turning around space, technology and exploration. Especially I spend a lot of time observing the planets and the night sky, writing articles to magazines, writing books and of course – doing my research under the wings of MSL. Welcome on board and join my voyage to knowledge and discoveries …

My new book

Moon Atlas for Visual ObserverMy new book “Moon Atlas for Visual Observer” contains maps of 95 terrain features on the Moon and many more. Release date – October 2017. This book is available as printed, paperback or iBook. Excellent choice for you or ideal gift for someone who loves Universe! Get it here!

My books & featured publications

The first release of my book about global navigation satellite systems was published in December 2014. This book covers all current GNSS in operation.

Informačné systémy v riadení letovej prevádzkyMy Book “Information Systems in the Air Traffic Control” will introduce you the information systems in the air traffic control as the part of wider air traffic management.