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Moon Atlas
Moon Atlas for Visual Observer
GNSS v skratke
Science and Mars Anthology
Informacne systemy v riadeni letovej prevadzky
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About Jozef

Dr. Jozef Kozár is a Levice, Slovakia native. He graduated from Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, where he earned a Ph.D. in aerospace in 2016. He left his home country in early 2018 and during his following career he completed a professional university course in planetary science - the science of the Solar System, at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California in 2019.

Jozef Kozár is an interdisciplinary scientist and writer, studying the planets, Solar System and space exploration missions. He is author of six books, many space technology articles in various popular magazines and also a former public speaker and a documentary movies/TV guest. His research of Mars and the "GNSS for Mars" project became well known especially in 2015, when it attracted many local and worldwide media.

Recent book: Moon Atlas

Are you occasionally looking at Moon when you are on your balcony or when walking outside? Have you ever been asking yourself "What are the features on the Moon?" Then you are on the right place. I am author of the Moon Atlas just right for people like you!

With the Moon Atlas for Visual Observer you do not need to be an astronomer or a planetary scientist. The atlas contains simple maps with easy navigation, so you can quickly identify what you can see on the Moon with just a naked eye.

The second edition of the Moon Atlas, published in December 2020, you can find even more detailed maps. The second edition has 104 pages more than the first edition.

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