Moon Atlas for Visual Observer

Do you like observing the Moon? Are you curious what is there or what are the features you can see? Then you are on the right place!
Take the tour and see the beauty of the silent Lunar world.

Did you know that 
the Moon is the Earth's nearest neighbour in the universe?

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Classic printed book or electronic book?

You can choose the printed book or electronic version.


Paperback style - classic printed book
(October 2017)

For everyone who prefers reading a classic paper style book. Elegant design, glossy color cover and 164 full color pages inside. Take a look on details here.

Electronic version - eBook 
(October 2017)

Designed for your Apple device - iPad or iPhone. The format is Apple iBook. Loading fast, optimised for all Apple devices supporting iBooks. Take a look here.


New! The second edition of the Moon Atlas
(December 2020)

The second edition of the Moon Atlas is available now! Maps and the details of many terrain features observable with naked eye or with just a small telescope or binoculars. New design, small format, 285 full color pages. Suitable for home astronomy from your living room or travel due to compact size. Check it here!

Moon walk from your living room ...

Why not?

Aren’t you a frequent observer and you just take a look on the Moon from time to time? Are you curious what is there or what are the features you can see? Then you are on the right place and the Moon Atlas is exactly what you need.

The second edition of the Moon Atlas is here

What are differences between the first and the second edition? The second edition contains maps and the details of 95 terrain features observable by naked eye or with just a small telescope or simple binoculars. It also includes interesting maps of Moon that are useful for visual astronomy even from your balcony or living room window. The second edition includes 107 pages more than the first edition. Suitable for beginners or for sky watching enthusiasts. Size of the book is suitable for travel and easy to pack in to your bag.


With a fresh coffee in your hands, sitting in a terrace or just watching out of the window of your house or flat. These are the simple conditions what you need to meet.

Forget about the problems you have met during the day and focus on the Lunar landscape. Can you hear that silence? The untouched mountains and valleys or the famous places where the manned missions of Apollo program landed. And of course, places where the robotic visitors worked not a long time ago.

Just you and the Moon ...

Discover the lunar world

Ready to take a look and find more details?

The new book Moon Atlas for Visual Observer contains much more.
You will find inside even some planetary theory, lists of craters, lunar seas and much more.

The Moon Atlas is written in English, it includes more than 95 terrain features shown on the Map of the Moon. Of course with a detail picture of the feature what you should see, including the coordinates and size details.

The atlas includes also some additional maps, graphics and resources. These may be useful if you would like to know some more information or if you are just interested for example – where are the locations and places once visited by Apollo astronauts or where are the places with the automatic space probes – Surveyors, Lunokhods (+Luna space probes) and the last famous, Chinese Yutu rover (Chang’e mission).


A book useful everywhere

Moon Atlas for Visual Observer

This book is an ideal companion for your trips, watching the night sky - especially the Moon - from anywhere you plan to go. The size of the book is standard A5. Ideal size for any bag.

Dimensions of the book: 6 x 0.4 x 8 inches (A5)
Weight: 9.8 ounces (278 grams)

Planning to visit mountains? Travelling for a vacation? Or just spending your evening in the city? Do not forget to have your Moon Atlas with you.


The first impressions of the owners of the Moon Atlas for Visual Observer.

I had seen this book in the offer of my favourite online book store. Maybe you know, it is the biggest one out there on the web. I like watching the night sky and I was always interested in deep sky objects. When I saw this book, I have realized myself that I do not know a lot about our Moon. So I bought this book. My first impression was something like "wow, it is not a huge format, it is really an A5, very handy for my bag". It contains a lot of useful and easy understandeable maps and descriptions of many terrain features. I read and look at the images and maps even when I am in the bus. I can imagine that for a real amateur astronomer it can be a very useful book. I can only recommend it.

I was looking for a book that may be interesting for me - you know, I like watching the night sky - but also for my partner. He is a kind of romantic soul, exactly like me. So I brought the book home and to be honest, with a glass of the red wine, sitting in the balcony in the evening, now we know what we can see when looking at the Moon. This book inspired me to study the surface of the Moon in more details, so I even purchased a small astronomical telescope. Let's see what will be the next, maybe some planets in the future?

Get your Moon Atlas now!

You can have your own Moon Atlas for Visual Observer for low price limited just for this year! Not for you? It can be ideal Christmas present for somebody you loves!

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