Hello, my friends, readers, and colleagues. I am sure that you – same as me – are upset about the current situation in Ukraine. I completely condemn this war of Russia against Ukraine. When I saw the photos of the situation in the newspaper, I got immediately shocked even more and also completely disgusted. Such massive destruction of those beautiful cities, is something unbelievable in the 21st century.

Many of us are now trying to help to the people of Ukraine in any possible way. Please do not give up and continue with your support. We all must be strong, even when we are not in Ukraine. This beautiful country is fighting also for our freedom.

Thank you and stay strong.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

* * *

Madman must be isolated. (Czech president Miloš Zeman in his speech about the Russian aggression against Ukraine)


I will be adding links to various newspapers and media in the comments section below this article. If you want, feel free to leave your comment, too. You can share even links to official humanitarian organizations helping the people of Ukraine. Thank you!

Update on June 29, 2022:


After one year of hiatus, I decided to create an account on Twitter and to give it a second chance. The reason is the current situation. Peace!

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  1. Avatar photo Jozef says:

    Call for help and official statements:

  2. Avatar photo Jozef says:

    Help for people from Ukraine:

  3. Avatar photo Jozef says:

    The beautiful city of Mariupol. What russians did to this city and to its citizens … this is something terrible, barbaric, I cannot find any words for this. Here you can see some photos, it is a website of one Czech newspaper:

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