Moon and area of Fra Mauro + video (new)

It is quite a long time since the mission of Apollo 13 flew to the Moon, but due to some technical problems couldn’t land on the Lunar surface. Yesterday I had a few minutes time, so I tried to look at the planned landing site – from my garden.

My home observatory is located right in the garden behind the house, so when I had finally a 15 minutes free time, I did not hesitate and tried to take a look on the Moon through the telescope. It had been quite a long time from my last Moon observation. But now it was still day – or better said – right after the sunset. But it was not a problem for the telescope, so why not to give it a try.

I used only 25 mm eyepiece and attached my mobile phone with the photo-adapter to the eyepiece. Here is the result:

The Moon yesterday:

Next day, on May 22, 2021, I had again a good observation conditions. The weather was again nice and the sky was clear in the evening, so I took this short video of the Lunar surface with my telescope:

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