Cancellation of my online social networking presence

I decided to cancel my social media presence in coming days. From now on, I will be publishing my instant updates and news directly on my website with my own solution.

If you will want to embed my news feed (timeline) on your website, then you can embed this code to your web:

<iframe name="JozefKozar" src="" frameborder="0" style="border:0;border-radius: 5px" scrolling="no" width="400" height="360"></iframe>

The new solution of my news feed will be called “Bark” in honor of all dogs.

Why I decided to say good bye to social platforms? I have some reasons, some of them are here:

  • I realized that nobody was interested in my updates on social platforms. I assume this because I was really not getting too many likes to my updates when compared to others. I used to share ideas and information related to universe, astronomy, space exploration, science, education, nature and vegetarian foods. I assume that social platforms are maybe not suitable for these topics, but it is just my own experience.
  • I have been using social platforms since November 2014 when my very first update was published (when Rosetta’s Philae was landing on a comet and I was host of a live event). My last update was published today morning on one of the social platforms I was using. I was using this social network for more than six years. And during this time I was able to get just few hundreds of followers. When compared to other people, they have thousands, so it makes sense for them to share their ideas on the social networking platform. So I assume that it is just waste of time from my side. I have quite a big audience on my own website, what I really appreciate, so I will keep working on updates just here with a BIG focus on quality as I always did.
  • While on social network, I used to try to interact with other people and to make new friends. Or maybe better said, I believed that I can make friends when trying to talk and to express my interest in the work, life and hobbies of others. The result was opposite, I realized that I must looked like some silly guy. People do not want to make friends, they always think something weird and it was still surprising to me more and more. When I saw that my connections had a birthday for example, I always wished them happy birthday, etc.. But when I had my birthday, nobody cared. So why should I bother them?
  • People used to share a lot of information that was not serious. This I consider as a dangerous aspect of today’s world. I do not think that we should put on the same level the results of serious scientific research with the information of various conspirators.
  • These days there is still the pandemic and all the social platforms are doing one negative thing – spreading panic among people but forgetting about many individuals that are ill with other diseases (cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidneys failure, etc ..) and presenting that there is just one health risk. I reject this behavior. It is not fair to other people and animals.
  • All the social networks are always trying to put important and serious things in the shadow of misinformation and of stupid sensations. Nobody cares about world poverty, children with hunger, people escaping wars. Everybody is focused on just few celebrities or “wannabe” celebrities and stupid “influencers”. I am very disappointed and upset. I reject to support this.
  • And of course I can continue, but I do not want … you can make your own opinion 🙂

I really do not want to make an impression that I am someone who feels himself to be “rejected” and I do not want to present myself like some asocial human. I am very socially thinking guy, I like to talk, I like to present my ideas, I meet serious people, I do not like arguments and fights. I always think that there is a solution for everything and that there is a way to help others (people, animals, nature). I am a big professional, oriented on quality, minimalism and what I like is just normal people.

This world is weird, I do not understand many new weird “trends”, but I am sure that I am not alone on this planet with this opinion. And do not forget, “Sun is shining for everyone”, so just keep smiling at others. If you want to share your ideas or opinion, feel free to do so in the discussion below. No worries, I will answer you.

I wish you all have a beautiful day and now let’s focus on the future!



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Dr. Jozef Kozár

Author, Research Scientist, Consultant.

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