Color analysis of random starfield (updated)

Mars GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System for Mars

On July 1, 2017, sometimes around midnight I have taken a random photo of the night sky above the southern horizon.

The photo was nothing special. I just wanted to see what my digital camera can do with the most sensitive settings. After I downloaded the picture to my handheld and then to my computer, then this picture became more interesting to me.

I have played a little bit with colors and with balance settings of the image. The raw photo (converted to png) is this one:

The interesting thing is that I have taken a photo of moving satellite. Can you see it there? OK, it is here:

Can you see the “line” made by dots? So that’s the satellite I believe. Or maybe it was some meteor.

Here are some photos with changed color levels. For example “infrared” image:

Version with a low light, manually decreased, because there was a heavy light pollution due to the close city:

The right bottom corner is the place where the lights from the city was disturbing the view.

The simulation of the night sky and the star field on the above photos (source Stellarium):

Open the image above (just click on it) and see the interesting part in the yellow frame. The same is visible on the real photos above. The content of the yellow frame:

So I assume that my retro camera isn’t so bad 🙂

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