Frequencies, wavelengths and bands

Useful summary of frequencies, wavelengths and bands as they are named and used.

Frequency IEEE


European Union






3 Hz A
30 Hz 1 ELF
300 Hz 2 SLF
3 kHz 3 ULF
30 kHz 4 VLF
300 kHz 5 LF
3 MHz 6 MF
30 MHz HF 7 HF
250 MHz VHF 8 VHF
300 MHz B
500 MHz UHF 9 UHF
1 GHz C
2 GHz L D
3 GHz S E
4 GHz F 10 SHF
6 GHz C G
8 GHz H
10 GHz X I
12 GHz J
18 GHz Ku
20 GHz K
27 GHz K
30 GHz Ka
40 GHz 11 EHF
60 GHz V L
75 GHz M
100 GHz W
110 GHz
300 GHz mm
3 THz 12 THF

Explanation to shortcuts in the table above:

ELF – extremely low frequency

SLF – super low frequency

ULF – ultra low frequency

VLF – very low frequency

LF – low frequency

MF – medium frequency

HF – high frequency

VHF – very high frequency

UHF – ultra high frequency

SHF – super high frequency

EHF – extremely high frequency

THF – tremendously high frequency

Shortcuts of the organizations:

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

ITU: International Telecommunication Union


521-2002 – IEEE Standard Letter Designations for Radar-Frequency Bands, Wikipedia, my own sources

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