In three magazines at the same time!

These days you can read about my research project “GNSS FATIMA” – Satellite navigation system for Mars in three different magazines in three different countries and in three different articles.

The first country is Australia – you can read information about my project in magazine Spatial Source, published in Sydney, April 15, 2017.

The second country is USA. Actually there are two magazines, but one is with restricted access, so it is not widely available. The one you can read and probably you know it, is magazine Inside GNSS from February 23, 2017.

The third one is the one you could see the featured photo. It is a top magazine about technology and computers in Germany, called c’t. The details are ISSN 0724-8679, April 2017, No. 09/2017, page 42.

So do not hesitate and be the first to read them 🙂

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