TRAPPIST-1 and its planets, wow!

I am sure that you have noticed this week’s announcement of NASA and ESO about the discovery of 7 exoplanets orbiting the star Trappist-1.

These planets are orbiting the star in the habitable zone! It means, that the conditions on these planets are suitable for liquid water and for a life.

A size comparison of the planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system, lined up in order of increasing distance from their host star. The planetary surfaces are portrayed with an artist’s impression of their potential surface features, including water, ice, and atmospheres. Image credit: European Southern Observatory.

Planets b and c have conditions quite hot for oceans and the water could exist probably as a steam. Planets d, e, f, g have conditions where water could be in a liquid form and where even oceans can exist. Problem is, that we do not know yet, if these planets have enough hydrogen or oxygen. But lets be optimistic. Universe is such large that we simply cannot be alone! What do you think?

More interesting resources:

  • official web site of the system TRAPPIST-1 [link]
  • NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau [link]

Image source: European Southern Observatory [link]

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