Moon eclipse – 10/11 February 2017 – update + photo!

Information for observing of the prenumbral Moon eclipse visible from Europe in February 2017.

Observation times in UTC / CET:

Penumbral Eclipse begins at 10 February 2017, 22:34:14 UTC / 23:34:14 CET

Maximum Eclipse: 11 February 2017, 00:43:49 UTC / 01:43:49 CET

Penumbral Eclipse ends: 11 February 2017, 02:53:25 UTC / 03:53:25 CET

*UTC = Universal Time Coordinated, CET = Central European Time (UTC+1)

Where will be Moon on the night sky?

Location of Moon on the night sky during prenumbral eclipse in February 2017. Credit: Dr. Jozef Kozar.

The magnitude of the eclipse will be -0.035

The penumbral magnitude of the eclipse will be 0.988

The total duration of the eclipse is calculated as 4 hours, 19 minutes.

Moon will be located at 47° above the SW horizon.

UPDATE [11 February 2017]

Photo of Moon at the maximum of the prenumbral eclipse at 00:43:49 UTC.

Eclipse of the Moon at its maximum. Image credit: Jozef Kozar

Sources: Stellarium;; Press Release of Astronomical observatory of Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia (link)

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    Are you ready for the eclipse? I wish you all have a nice weather and clear sky tonight.

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