Space for everyone by Dr Jozef Kozár

Systems & Digital data processing

Every scientist or engineer is usually a person with a lot of creativity. It is very useful to express the feelings or ideas also in some kind of art, design or other works. I think that it is very useful to combine the graphics creativity and design to promote the science and engineering results, concepts or systems proposals. Since 2000 I am very interested in web design and graphics. Through many years I have learned a lot in this field of information technology, digital data processing and publishing.

Graphics & digital design

  • education materials
  • posters for science and education
  • space systems engineering diagrams and technical pictures
  • business and marketing graphics
  • books design and graphics
  • iBooks design and graphics
  • digital image processing
  • references: these posters for promotion of space education during the public open doors day of Technical University

Live scientific apps


Web design for science, education and promotion

  • Science & Mars Journal – International Journal of Mars Research (author of web design, web structure and web editor)
  • Study work (Oxford College ODL DLC, UK) – website about planet Mars (author of web design and web structure)
  • Space Technology web portal of Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice (author of graphics, web design, content editor)
  • Educational website about the Solar System (author of web design)
  • ExoMars website for students (author of event and educational web sites, author of content and graphics)
  • Rosetta – Philae landing event for students (author of event web site, content and graphics)
  • MAVEN – Mars orbit insertion event for students (author of event web site, graphics and content)