Category: Astronomy

21 December: Jupiter and Saturn

Are you ready for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December 2020? It will be a very unique opportunity for astrophotography.

Planetary evening

After couple of days it was finally nice weather. Pretty cold outside -1 C, but feels like -10 C. But important thing is, that the sky clear and there are visible nit just the...

Few minutes before sunrise

I have taken this image of sunrise on a day when I really did not expect that the worst day in my life is just about to come.

Moon Art

Today’s afternoon Moon.

Saturn with a single digital compact camera

Yesterday I used the opportunity to take a photo of planet Saturn with my digital compact camera. I was wondering if it even could be possible, but after a few minutes of post-processing of...

Jupiter and the Moon

Yesterday you probably noticed a very nice and photogenic situation on the night sky. Jupiter was in a close conjunction with the Moon.

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