May 23, 2021
I have just added a new video to my recent blog post, you can take a look here

May 21, 2021
New post on my blog: "Moon and area of Fra Mauro" check it here

May 01, 2021
New post on my blog with some nice photos of nature: "Nature wakes up from Winter" check it here

April 01, 2021
I wish you all have Happy Easter!

March 26, 2021
I decided to cancel my online social media networking presence and decided to use my own solution. I hope you will like it :-)

March 25, 2021
The second edition of Moon Atlas here

March 21, 2021
If you like my new "Bark" update section, than I am happy. If you will find any bug, then please let me know. Thank you!

March 8, 2021
My new book "Mars Perseverance" is available now! Book is written in Slovak language.

December 9, 2020
My new book "Moon Atlas" is available now at Amazon.