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New book: Science & Mars Anthology

This book is a collection of articles, texts and research published on pages of Science & Mars Journal – International Journal of Mars Research (ISSN 2453-8760). The content covers the years 2013-2017. Science & Mars Journal is a scientific magazine, which is in operation since year 2013. The aim of the journal is to create an opportunity to publish research articles of students, researchers, scientists and various scholars without a need to pay for publishing.

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Introducing my new book

For the last couple of weeks I have been finalizing my new book and finally the publishing date has come. The name of the book is “Moon Atlas for Visual Observer” and it is dedicated to all people interested in visual observation of the Moon.

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In three magazines at the same time!

These days you can read about my research project “GNSS FATIMA” – Satellite navigation system for Mars in three different magazines in three different countries and in three different articles.

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Cassini’s grand finale

One of the most successful planetary exploration missions in history is coming to its end. The end of the mission will not be just the finale. We all call it a grand finale. Cassini, we all, people on blue Earth, stand behind you.

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Sponsors for my new book about Mars?

I am working on my new book about exploration of Mars. This book will cover the past and current exploration and will be illustrated with many beautiful images from Mars (delivered by space probes). Expected publishing date is late 2017. Everything depends on money and funding, so I am looking for a sponsorship.

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PF 2017

I wish you all only the best in the New Year 2017, lot of health, happiness, love and peace! I am attaching the photo of this year’s last Sunset in Europe, taken by single camera. Good bye 2016 and welcome 2017 🙂

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