Even astronomers need a vacation

Finally the winter is gone and we could have the vacation. I would like to share with you some nice photos.

You all should already know that Ringo is and astronomer. Although he is dog, he is always observing with me the planets, Moon and even the Solar eclipse. And when I do some research stuff – guess what – yes, he is always next to me. So he deserved also a vacation, right? Of course, everybody needs a vacation, especially after the rainy winter. And the best place for vacation? Of course, relaxing on the beach, walking and relaxing and relaxing and one more relaxing!

Even astronomers need a vacation

The late evening above the sea.

Moon and the beach.

And the still one.

These “cloud fingers” were pointing to the place where the Sun went to “sleep”.

Hmm, do you think that Pamela was here?

Nature made it nice here …

And this is how does it look like when the storm is far on the sea. The tide is quite high.

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/341590155″ width=”660″]

Video above – astronomer Ringo checking the stormy sea.

Greetings my friends!

I hope that you enjoyed the photos and video. But now, lets’ go back to work. Vacation time is over 🙁


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