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March 2019 and the night sky

What you can see in the night sky in March 2019? Let’s watch the video with some useful tips!

March is here, days will become longer and longer very soon, because the coming equinox. I can especially recommend you to take a look at the Moon. Our nearest planetary neighbor in the Solar System can offer you a lot of nice places and features that you can see even without a telescope or with just a binoculars. Maybe you can also use my Moon Atlas for the best and easiest identification of the features on the surface of the Moon.

If you will be looking for a quick tool that can show you when the Solar System planets are visible or when is the best time to take a look at the Moon, then you can use the astronomy tool that I have prepared for you here.

Of course I do not want to forget also about the coming Spring. Nature will finally wake up from Winter sleep and we will once again see many beautiful flowers, birds, maybe animals and colorful insects (interesting especially for those loving the macro-photography!).

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