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Galaxy NGC 253

This is the second image taken during my observation on Monday this week. It is a photo of galaxy NGC 253. The image is a result of processed stack layers and of the dark calibration in FITS.

Start exposure: 03:31:03 AM
Exposure time: 60.00 sec.
Exposure time: 60.00 sec.
Filter: clear
Focus value: 1200
Zoom: out
Hour angle: -3h 36.2m
Local siderial time: 15:23:32
Greenwich Mean Time: 10:31:03
End exposure: 03:32:05 AM
Longitude: 110.88
Latitude: 31.68
Mode of telescope operation: robotic, remote
Tracking: Sidereal
CCD temp: 277.00
Ambient temp: 296.00
Circuit temp: n/a
Finder offsets: none

Celestial coordinates:
Right ascension: 00h 48.5m
Declination: -25 degrees 11 minutes

Terrestrial coordinates:
Altitude: 23 degrees 34.3 minutes
Azimuth: 144 degrees 34.3 minutes

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