Why do we have to fly to space

Once upon a time, there was country. It’s been a long time ago, maybe a few thousands years ago. People of that country were very smart and curious. So they had started to explore, to study and their curiosity was growing and growing.

After some time they knew almost everything about their country, but their curiosity was stronger. They began to travel to the world around them and then even more far. Their exploration brought them a lot of experience, new knowledge, wisdom, culture and new technology for a whole society.

Today we could name this country with a name “continent”. Yes, and we can even use the name “Old Continent”, because it was old. Country where various cultures reached their development, where they later created borders with no sense … borders that just divided people, and where they – for a several times – damaged almost everything …

But after that, the people of this country remembered the old times, where wisdom ruled. Then they decided to stop to be stupid and they finally started to live as a one big culture. United in diversity. They even created their own flag. Flag with purpose not to divide, but to represent all nations and tribes.

People of this country started to explore and study more, but now together. And now together with all other world around, because in the meantime, there were created another countries, large countries, also full of smart people.

People of the planet where these countries are located, knew that they live on just one small planet – one small piece of rock orbiting one small star. Together with other planets. And you know what? These people started to understand, that they know a lot, but their further evolution need some new impulse, some new spark. Because the knowledge did not bring just a wisdom, but also a lot of stupidity called wars. And then it has come … People realized that they cannot continue this way. They realized that the knowledge, wisdom and all technologies they have, can be beneficial for everyone. Even for animals sharing the same small planet with them. People joined their knowledge, they started to smile on each other and they started to explore the world around. Once again. But now they left the small blue planet.

From space they could see that their planet was really, really very small. Some politicians and rich people began even to cry! They could not understand their own previous decisions, previous fighting. They started to ask simple question … why.

Further exploration and traveling has brought to people of the small blue planet a lot of new. But not just a new technology, new materials, new inventions and products. People and all animals, plants, and even insect, everybody was now rich. Not rich with money, of course. Nobody needed to fight, everybody was able to live in peace. Wisdom and peace was brought to all inhabitants of the small blue planet. Exploration of space allowed a huge development and prosperity for everyone. Do you know the name of the planet?


I know, the text above may sounds like some crazy fairy tale. But remember, when we all will want, we all can make it true …

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