Some beautiful photos from Mars, recently sent by Curiosity

Take a look on these beautiful recent photos from Mars. All of them were taken by Curiosity rover.

Sol 1661 – picture taken by navigation camera:

Sol 1659 – navigation camera, stereo image:

These two images were taken on Sol 1659 by left Mastcam (34 mm):

And another photo taken with left Mastcam (34 mm) on Sol 1658. Beautiful view with hills in the background:

And here are some photos from taking samples of soil, taken on Sol 1651, 29 March 2017):

Detail of the grains of the regolith (martian soil), taken on Sol 1650:

And two photos of beautiful country on Mars:

Photo of the shadow of author of all these excellent images – Curiosity:

Image credits: JPL NASA

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