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My space posters presented for public

A few days ago, there was a public open day at Technical University of Kosice. In occassion of this annual event, I have helped to promote the Space Technology department of Faculty of Aeronautics by some posters. I am author of all of them.

If you are interested to see them, here you are:

lfspace2 lfspace1 lfspace4 lfspace3 lfspace5

What do you think? Do you like the posters?

Sources I used for creating the posters:

  • free available resources and images from NASA and ESA
  • my own graphics
  • texts by myself

Graphics and web design are very important part of the science popularization and of the presentation of the scientific results. I am author of more publications, including the graphics. If you are interested, then you can take a look here.

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