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Web design update!

Hello my visitors, thanks for coming back after some time. I had to do some maintenance of this website. I have finally updated the design and the structure of this site.

What I have changed:

  • colors
  • fonts (some devices could not render the fonts before, now it should be ok)
  • file structure (I have deleted many unnecessary files)
  • layout clean-up
  • I have removed the responsiveness, hah … sorry, but I do not like responsive design too much 🙂
  • and some other stuff …

I would like to ask you – if you will notice any error, please let me know, so I can fix it asap. Thank you!

I am working on some new items which I will add to the home page. I am little bit busy with some other work, but I expect to finish it soon. Again, thanks for coming back after the maintenance and do not forget to look at the night sky – there should be very nice Moon tonight!

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