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My sketch of Moon was published by ASOD

My sketch of Moon was published by ASOD – “Astronomy Sketch Of the Day”. I have made this drawing by single pencil on a white paper during one of my amateur astronomy observations of Moon. The date of its creation is 5 November 2003.

This sketch and also many others I still have in my archive. The astronomy sketches were my first “astro-recordings”, because that time I did not have any camera or any other equipment that would allow me to record the picture I saw in telescope. The telescope I used was just my old home made telescope.

I think that I should scan all of my drawings and publish them in some kind of book or just e-book. It would be maybe nice reading, because my astro-diary is full of drawings, notes and observations’ data.

The published sketch on pages of ASOD can be found on this link.

If you would be not able to access the ASOD page above, then the drawing which was selected by them is this one:


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