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As you have probably read on my web pages, my research is fully focused on Mars. I use all my possible free time and possibilities for research and popularizing the science among public. I have spent more than couple of years with science and I have prepared many study materials for free. If you are looking for a way how you can maybe help me or support me, then you are on the right place. What you can do?

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At present I am not full-time affiliated with any university, institute or any company working in my field of interest. Do you know about some interesting opportunity where I could be maybe more focused on my research? Do not hesitate and let me know.

Donate my research

Another option is to directly donate my research. At present I work on my research in my private laboratory, which is strictly non-profit. My vision is to develop and improve this small research laboratory and your donation may help me with this.

Donate my book

I am working on my new book about Mars exploration systems. The book will cover the past and current missions of robotic exploration of Mars. It will be illustrated with a lot of nice images delivered by space probes from Mars. Book will be dedicated to wide public and to students. Expected publication date is late 2017. The book will be published as a paperback (full color print) and will be available via the major online book shops, book sellers and will be promoted in various magazines, newspapers and web sites. My book will be assigned also the international standard book number (ISBN) and will be registered in international library system.

Why I need a donation or a sponsor for my book? For publishing of this book I will need at least 500 USD. The money will be spent for printing of few book samples and for promotion of the book. If you would like to become my sponsor, then do not hesitate to contact me directly and we can discuss the possible advertisement options. For example you can have your advertisement included in the book – half page among the final pages of the book (section dedicated to sponsors with my written and published thank you message).

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