My academic, teaching and other activities

Academic activities:

  • scientific research
  • invited lectures for public planetarium, topic: mars exploration, planetary science
  • supervision of theses
  • I am editor in chief of Science & Mars Journal, International Journal of Mars Research (ISSN 2453-8760)
  • writing books
  • writing articles

Other activities related to science and technology:

  • science popularization
  • attending conferences and contributing with my articles to proceedings
  • my amateur astronomy observations (you can find some of them in my blog)

My past activities:

  • Web content manager and author of Space Technology web portal of Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University of Kosice (link) – my participation officially ended on 12 May 2016.
  • Teaching – giving lectures from space and planetary exploration systems and technology (link) – officially ended on 31 March 2017.
  • Organizing science popularization events focused on Space Exploration – “Space Week of Faculty of Aeronautics”, annual event for public and students (link) – officially ended on 31 March 2017.
  • Provided opponency
    • M.Sc. thesis: Corrections of meteorological measurements for locations in area of meteorological station (link), Technical University of Kosice, Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (Faculty of Electrotechnics and Informatics) – officially ended on 09 May 2014.
  • Participation on research project of monitoring local climate evolution in the city and weather monitoring station – officially ended on 31 December 2012.