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Planetary Astronomy

Christmas, mission to Moon, Mars and Earth

So this is Christmas. Yes, again we got older! The time of setting of new goals for the next year, time for celebration and for being with our family and friends.

The last year was pretty rich in scientific results and maybe you will agree with me, that also in new visions for the future space missions and exploration of Universe.

I was thinking about the newest challenges – mission to Moon and then beyond, most probably to Mars. Hmm … what do you think, is it OK to land humans on Mars when we are unable to live in peace here on Earth? And even when we are unable to take care about the Earth? Yeah, I mean the environment. The climate changes and everything related.

Yes, I agree, we should explore the other planets and the Moon. We should definitely go and land there. And of course, we should think about our permanent presence over there. But, at first, we should think about our own home – the small blue dot lost in our galaxy. About our own planet – the Earth.

I wish you all Merry Christmas, or if you do not celebrate Christmas, then I wish you happy holidays. I wish you all have a nice time spent with your family and relatives. I wish you peace, health and happiness. And of course I wish this to all inhabitants of this planet – to humans, animals, nature – because remember, this planet does not belong to us. We all share this nice world and we are here just for a short time in a long geological history, present and future of the Universe.

Take care my friends, see you in 2018!

Oh, I completely forgot to wish happy holidays also maybe to some “lost extraterrestrials” that are among us! (this last sentence was just a joke, but everything else above wasn’t)

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