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Curiosity rocks! Some fresh pictures from Mars with my notes

While studying some new data which were sent by Curiosity, I have found some very nice and interesting pieces. I would like to share some of them with you here.

At this moment Curiosity is located on Mars exactly here:

OK, here we go. These images are from sol 1745 (07 July 2017 on Earth). Check out the details of these rocks:

Especially the veins in the rocks are very nice. Natural recordings of the evolution of Mars.

Take a closer look at this piece – it looks like it is “dirty” from some kind of “mud” at the bottom side.

And the veins in rocks once again. Some drawings of the evolution of Mars. Can you see the place where it was “touched” by Curiosity?

I can tell you, I can imagine myself to be walking here.

One of the many magnificient views over the mountains near Curiosity’s current location:

And again one detail of the surface rock:

Curiosity has driven total 16.92 kilometers since her landing on Mars in 2012.

I hope that you like my choice and also that these images inspired you to study space and planets!

Sources: NASA

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